Youtube is a place of oddities and it always has been. It’s a place where we can all find something we enjoy whether that be; beauty, cooking, lifestyle, satisfying videos – well, youtube has it all.

Youtube is the birthplace of iconic youtubers like Pewdiepie and Charlieissocoolike and new-tubers like Grace F Victory and Jamie Jo. It can be really challenging just finding those youtubers you can learn from and laugh at so here are our favourite ‘tubers to watch on your day off.

Bananajamana(Jamie Jo)

This youtuber is all about the world of cute. She’s crafty and clever, always seeing something new and beautiful to do with her work. She loves painting but explores lots of different types of art too, just like she did in this charming Bento Box video!

My Virgin Kitchen (Barry Lewis)

This guy is a genius! He uses just about any ingredient he can get his hands on to make the most incredible, unique dishes. We do have to say you’ll definitely need to watch his videos at lunch time otherwise you’ll find yourself being very hungry!

SprinkleOfGlitter (Louise Pentland)

Louise Pentland is a mum to be reckoned with. Her incredible style and stunning personality would make Penelope Garcia proud! Her long-standing career as a make-up guru and lifestyle vlogger make her channel varied and interesting. It’s here you can see everything from her daily routine to wonderful once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah is a wonderful UK-based beauty and fashion vlogger. She loves showing off her incredible style and gorgeous lifestyle. Her new clothing brand keeps her on her toes and makes sure she always has something to talk about.

The Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano)

Another long-running channel is that of Anthony Fantano. His music reviews are well-informed and really witty. Fantano is someone you can listen to all day long without ever getting bored.

Tomska (Thomas Ridgewell)

Tom is a really well known youtuber for about one reason. The ASDF movies. These short films are about as funny to millenials as Blackadder and Faulty Towers were to generation X and it’s likely they’ll be made for years to come. Thomas Ridgewell has been on youtube for about as long as youtube has been out of Beta and it shows. His comedies, vlogs and comics are exception and incredibly popular on youtube.

ASAPScience (Greg and Mitch)

Greg and Mitch are a scientific duo from Canada who aim to educate the world through unique, short videos. They answer all sorts of questions, even the ones you might not have wanted to ask. They’re very scientific but approachable and make sure every video is detailed and accurate so that, if you want to, you can read up about the info afterwards with the links they pop in the description.

Oddly Satisfying

This channel is dedicated to everything satisfying. Every grain of sand, every smooth motion, ASMR slime video is captured in satisfying 1080p for your enjoyment.

So when you’re on your lunch break, pull out your phone and give these a quick watch. You won’t be disappointed!