YouTube have recently announced their plans to launch their very own subscription service, but will it catch on? The subscription service is set to run from $9.99 a month (£6.49). But will anybody pay for a service that has been free for so long? With the monthly price being of the same amount as a Netflix subscription, for most it’s hard to understand why you’d pay that.

  • Get exclusive access to original content
  • No ads
  • Save videos offline
  • Tune into YouTuber’s very own shows (E.g. Roosterteeth, Pewdiepie, Tobuscus)

I can’t help but wonder, however, whether YouTube Red will catch on. Let’s be honest, many people are stubborn and will refuse to pay for a service that has always been free – it’s part of the branding of YouTube. YouTube’s Marketers will have their work cut out that’s for sure.

Another problem I have with YouTube Red is that it does little to nothing for smaller YouTubers. YouTube for myself has always been humble. You can record videos however you want to and investing in a DSLR just isn’t a possibility for most. Would it actually just divide paid YouTubers and unpaid ones? You don’t visit YouTube and expect perfection.

When analysing YouTubers and their subscribers/fans, it becomes abundantly clear how much of a fanbase certain YouTubers have. Conventions and events have become part of the YouTube experience. The problem is though, many of us are subscribed to a ridiculous amount of subscription services. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music… there are far too many subscription services and the prices of these add up over time. While I appreciate that YouTubers need to get paid for their content – as I personally know how many hours it takes… Surely YouTube doesn’t need paid content?

What do you think of the proposed YouTube Red?

 By Eleanor