In order to make a sale in person, you have to approach them and talk to them. Logical right? So why not talk to people online as well? There’s no harm in it.Social Media, Business, Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO

Social Media Marketing Agencies are springing up all over the country – including Engage Hub. more and more businesses are recognising the relevance of social media in generating sales. There are numerous reasons why businesses should be paying attention to their social media. But if you’re not quite decided on whether it’s relevant to your business, we’ve listed some reasons neatly down below…

  1. Social Media will generate more sales

    To put it bluntly, whilst Social Media Agencies can’t guarantee that your business will make ‘x-amount’ of sales by the end of the month. But there will definitely be return on investment and we can estimate the effect it will have. Because that’s what social media agencies do, we publicise online your business. Digital Marketing is bigger than ever, taking over print advertising to a certain extent, so why not invest in it?

  2. Do it for your customers

    You have a website, that’s great. But why not take it a step further, use social media. Social Media allows you to connect with your audience and customers on a more intimate level, it shows a human side to your company. You can post about relevant articles to your business, demonstrate your businesses knowledge. Customers may not have heard of your brand before, but somebody may stumble across your Twitter or Facebook page…

  3. Engagement = Good Reputation

    The amount of engagement you give on social media shows you care about your customers. If a customer is unhappy with a service, they will tweet at that company with a comment. If you reply, you show publicly that you care about your customers and what they think. The more engagement you show, the more appreciated it is. Involving your company in relevant conversations in regards to your business is important.

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