If life in the Engage Hub office ended up being the next hit ITV2 reality show, then this week would feature prominently in our “best bits” highlight reel. It’s been eventful, exciting and the perfect way to cap off November before we begin our victory lap in December. Yeah, we deserve a victory lap: it’s been one hell of a year!

Say hey to the new hire!

We welcomed our brilliant new social media manager Jenn Quinn into the office who has immediately assimilated into the team. We can tell already that she’ll be an amazing addition.

Jenn’s first week has been the perfect platform to show off her expertise, experience and creativity. She has already given our social strategies an injection of ingenuity and our social team are thrilled with the direction they are receiving from her!

Lights, camera, action! It’s been a busy week for video

Jae has been a very busy boy behind the camera lens, as not only has he shot a killer video for the launch of No Filter Needed, but he has also shot three videos for Ascend Properties. He’s a prolific so-and-so!

No Filter Needed absolutely loved their slick shoot at Mahiki and it’s easy to see why. We captured the brand’s vision extremely well with a video that was alluring, fun, fresh and fashionable. It also helped that the models looked so gorgeous in NFN’s signature looks!

The videos for Ascend have also been really fun to shoot! Jae has been wandering around Liverpool, Manchester and Monton with his camera, capturing the vibe of the neighbourhoods that surround Ascend’s amazing properties. We can’t wait to see these shoots once they’re fully edited!

It’s launch party time!

As mentioned before, No Filter Needed has relaunched, and what would a relaunch be without an amazing party?! We collaborated with the guys at NFN to deliver an extremely successful launch at Mahiki.

Influencers, reality TV stars, bloggers, and NFN’s glam squad all got together to immerse themselves in the excitement of what will be an amazing future for the brand. There were plenty of cocktails, showcases and speeches… not to mention a whole lot of partying!

Time to practice our winner’s speeches

This all brings us to tomorrow! We’ll be at the TOM’s hoping to win awards from our three nominations! We are up for best social media agency, best video production agency, and our amazing director Ray Sherlock is also up for entrepreneur of the year.

We would love to take all three and our whole team have everything crossed in order to bring these trophies home! It should be an amazing night and a perfect way to cap off 2017. We’ll see you next week for another catch-up… hopefully with plenty of trophy selfies!