Engage Hub’s name is in lights again! In the past two months we’ve been nominated for three different awards, the latest being Natwest’s prestigious¬†Great British¬†Entrepreneur Awards’ Team of the Year award. Social media is the name of the game and we’re winning. Our team has worked hard to deserve this recognition. But how have we done it?

Who are we?

In 2018 we’ve flown to new heights, delivering results for some of the biggest brands in beauty, hospitality and lifestyle. We’ve transformed the online presence of national brands who had zero or little online presence, whilst using our expertise in influencer marketing to hit as many screens as possible.

We’re a brave social and influencer agency changing the way brands interact with consumers. Our skill lies in effective and strategic campaigns that deliver results. Our claims don’t come unsupported. Here’s how we’ve changed the way people think about beauty, been disruptive and worked the playing field to the advantage of our clients. At just two years old we’ve grown to be 12 people strong and are set to have 16 by the end of the year. We have an innovative approach to marketing that works. We change the way people see your brand for the better.


This award is by far the most prestigious we’ve been nominated for. Throughout the UK, entrepreneurs leading businesses big and small are being recognised for their presence and proven skills. Our “Team of the Year” nomination for the north just goes to show how talented and hard-working we are. This is an award that will get our name out to even more brands giving us the opportunity to expand further.

Up Against It?

Last year we won two great awards to do with the strength of our business. This year we’re at it again. Some of the biggest names in the social media business are up against us but we’re confident we can add to our cabinet.

Where next?

Engage Hub is reaching new heights, with more attention being brought to us all the time we’re quickly becoming the go to social media and influencer agency for brands big and small. Our newest office has been up this year and London, we can finally call you home! We’re excited for our future. Engage Hub’s team might not be psychic but we don’t have to be to know that our next step is going global. This business is thriving and the family is too. Stay tuned to find out about all our adventures.


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