Our client, Free In, has just entered Virgin Media’s Voom, with the hope of pitching the Free In App to Richard Branson himself and kick-starting themselves to the UK. To celebrate their entrance into Voom, we wanted to show them our support by sharing their story, and what exactly the Free In app will consist of.

Make sure to head over to http://vmbvoom.com/pitches/free-in-your-city and give them your support by voting for them to win Voom 2016. You can watch their official Pitch Video Animation there for more information.

For now, here’s a brief look at their pitch for Voom 2016:

Our Story

Waking up mid-morning to more job rejection emails; still overdrawn in the bank. Time to do the daily routine of mass job applications, drinking numerous cups of tea and then heading to the couch for the daily fix of Jeremy Kyle and Bargain Hunters. Clock watching, waiting for 5pm to come around just so you can get some level of human conversation, as everyone finishes up at work. This wasn’t just me – This is millions of people, all around the world.

But do you know just what goes on in your city that’s completely free? I didn’t. But I soon found out though!
After a walk into the city, I had one goal and that was to have a productive and fun day, wandering the streets, looking for business to email my CV to. After being handed a free Manchester Evening News, I thought, “I’ll head up to Albert Square, perch up and have a read of the paper after the hour long walk from Chorlton to the city”. A couple of minutes from my destination, I’m approached by a girl handing out free drinks – a new brand of fruit smoothie she says. SOLD! Paper, smoothie and the view of town hall. Albert square was being circled by small buses which had FREE down the side, so after finding the stop I’m now on a shuttle bus to Salford Quays. After a quick stroll up & down the waterfront, I’m now stood in awe of the Harriet Jet, suspended from the 27ft ceilings of The Imperial War Museum. With over 20 conversations with people I’d never met, a history lesson, a catch-up on Manchester’s daily news and I got to taste try a brand new fruit smoothie hitting the shelves – I’d say I had a really good day – and most importantly, it was all free!


The App: Free In

Pitch Image - 1


Pitch Image - 1