Visual trends are always coming in and out of fashion. Art styles are never the same even from month to month. Artists and interior designers are always coming up with new ways to inspire. Here are 2018’s most popular colour schemes and visual styles keeping up appearances across social media.

1. Rose, Peach and Gold

This trend is a wonderful development on 2017’s winter Pantone colours. Big brands are capturing models with peachy or rosy skin with gold undertones. Furniture, backgrounds and even nature scenes have a golden hue. This trend is a favourite of ours because it requires precision and focus to pull off but is worth it 100% of the time.

2. Cultural Authenticity

Creating a sense of cultural belonging and beauty is key to some brands’ success. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands should all consider using multiple cultures to bring interest to themselves. It makes sure the brands are getting enough attention. At the same time as bringing more interest and social presence to the table, cultural authenticity diversifies a brand’s colour palettes and demographic making them seem more progressive.

3. Lush Utopia

One emerging trend is that of the utopian alternate-universe. This universe is filled with lush, vibrant plants. Spirited colour schemes, cacti, succulents and blooms characterise this trend. This almost psychedelic aesthetic is bound to make a great impact on your insta this summer.


4. Simplified colour palettes

This 80s theme is making a big comeback. Vibrant blocks of colour inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol are what 2018 is all about. Picking only a few strong and identifiable colours to form your brand means your instagram stays in the now. While this is a long-established marketing technique the versatility of these simple blocks of colour is being questioned and played with in brand new, very exciting ways.

5. Minimalist Pastel

This aesthetic is a nod back to 50s photography. Minimalist Pastel shows everything as simple and beautiful making it a versatile style of photography but one that’s difficult to get right. This aesthetic has made a comeback across lots of platforms over the years. Tumblr, MySpace, Instagram and YouTube all celebrate this particular style.

6. Cactus

This incredible style is what could have created the Lush Utopia trend. What started off as some hipsters adopting new plant life has turned into a common and trendy way of adding low-care greenery to every room. As a result Cacti are being featured in stunning photos across the internet and have been notably constant since summer 2017. What’s great about this trend is that it’s not too hard to duplicate and it’s easy to learn about your own health and green aesthetics simply through Cacti.