Street Parties For Summer

When it comes to bars, restaurants, pubs (you name it) Engage Hub knows about it. We’ve always got our ears to the ground at even the slightest hint of a new venture in Manchester. Our videographer, Kris, is also always on the hunt for a new venue to shoot. Opportunities for fantastic video production in Manchester are everywhere, and with people like B.Eat Street just pumping out the announcements, we’re never short of new content ideas! (Thanks guys).

video production in manchester

So, if you haven’t been paying attention these last few weeks, we will give you a quick run down. The guys over at B.Eat Street have cheered everyone up in this dark March. First of all, they announced two new bars have opened in Manchester. In addition to this, a programme of Summer street food parties are coming to Manchester very soon. We’re counting down the days for that!

Caribbean And Acoustic Vibes

B.Eat Street have opened up The Golden Pineapple, a Cuban-style cocktail bar, with the symbolic pineapple as their beacon of hospitality. The bar is reported to have a real Caribbean vibe, serving some of Manchester’s most mouth-watering cocktails. We also have Junior Jackson’s, a bar opening right next door! Expect plenty of bourbon and whiskey, all served up alongside a calming, acoustic atmosphere.

We can’t wait to get ourselves down to these new joints, test a few cocktails, spend our Summer evenings there, maybe even get some ideas for video content? Whatever we do, we’re excited about it!

video production in manchester

Hospitality Video Production In Manchester

Now, if we’re known for anything, it’s our amazing video content, and hospitality is one of our favourite sectors to shoot! With so many new video opportunities in Manchester, it’s so hard for us to resist! Check out what we did for Black Swan over in Leeds, watch this and try to tell us you don’t want a pizza after…

We don’t stop there though. Cottonopolis, one of the Northern Quarter’s favourite bars, wanted to showcase their Sushi skills. Engage Hub was the clear choice for this video production in Manchester, we know the NQ and outstanding shooting techniques like the back of our hand. Not to mention, we absolutely love the Cottonopolis Menu.

So, we can’t wait to head down to B.Eat Street’s new venues. We’re also over the moon about a load of Summer street parties. Bring it on!

Got a new menu, cocktail, or just want to showcase your amazing venue? Give the Engage Hub team a call, we’ll make you stand out a mile and show off exactly what you’ve got! 0161 222 3450