We are Engage Hub. We do things differently here. In the two years we’ve been a social media agency we’ve seen increasingly bigger clients in comparison to our size, even though our own team has grown from 3 to 10 and is due to take on at least another 3 before the end of the year. We manage huge clients; huge campaigns; huge influencers. What makes the Engage Hub team so special? Our skill and dedication to the job means that we always have our eye on the ball and stay on the edge of innovation for the sake of our clients.

Clients and Clients

Since our Social Media Agency was started, in December 2016, we’ve seen clients of all shapes and sizes take to the conference room with us. From Bemama to Betfred, we’ve done it.  Clients come for all areas of social media and influencing so we have to be ready. This year alone we’ve managed events, influencer campaigns, lots of photography, social campaigns, taken on a world of new clients and opened up an office in London! All that with just 10 people? Even we know we’re impressive. Here are just a few examples of Engage Hub’s great campaigns over the past two years:

Engage Hub helped Ascend find a voice in Manchester’s hustle and bustle. Here is a picture of our takeover of the Manchester metro, there were also signs displaying our free coffee Friday event which was lots of fun to organise.

In a similar event we organised a great giveaway for an app born in Manchester. Free In is an app which lets you find free events, food and drink in Manchester. As well as giving away free ice creams we also had a correx instagram frame made for people to take their own pictures of #FreeIn and tag our client on social media platforms.

Acdoco, another client of ours, has regular photoshoots. Their brand, BlanX, is a great toothpaste brand which has a focus on sleek, stylish looks.

Influencer Marketing

As an influencer agency we always have to be in-the-know. Our strategies reflect this and head of influencer marketing, Charly, is always up to date on trending topics, looks and info in every category. Every campaign we do is unique and for that we need a specialised group of influencers every time.

Our Growth

In less than two years Engage Hub has become a competitor with Social Chain, Born Social and The Honey Partnership. We’ve been nominated alongside them to win the UK Agency Awards’ Social Media Agency of the Year award and their Most Impressive Small Agency Growth. This is just one way our incredible skills and services are being acknowledged. “My goal is to see Engage Hub being the #1 social media agency in the UK.” says owner Ray, who is incredibly proud of his agency and staff.

For now our focus is on continuing to grow and explore. We want to expand the business to other countries and make sure we’re always on top of the game. We’re sticking to our guns and developing our own techniques, images and are incredibly proud of the office, studio and more that we have built ourselves. With the help of our office dogs it’s likely we’ll reach our goals very soon.

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