Twitter Moments: a new way to promote brands on… well, Twitter. Digital Marketers have two opinions on it: they are either excited about it or they’re grudgingly accepting it. So what actually is it? Twitter Moments is a new feature that will make it easier to find the biggest stories and largest shared tweets on the platform at any time in the day.

Wired Magazine described Twitter Moments as helping people to “get Twitter.”. The idea is that it will make it easier to find the biggest trending topics on Twitter at that time… and hopefully prevent your mum continuously asking you to show her how to use it.

Moments can also be ‘promoted’, similar to the ‘promoted trends’ section in Twitter. Will there be any difference between trending ‘moments’ and ‘promoted trends’; it’s hard to say. However Moments has its own tab in the Twitter app.

Twitter Moments is set to launch in the US, but there has, as of yet, been no confirmations that it will be launching in other countries. So us pesky UK based marketers will not get our hands on it for some time. We can only gaze on across the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you think it will ‘revolutionise’ Social Media or just be a fluke?

By Eleanor