Twitter is breaking. This social media agency from Manchester is here to tell you about it. Three months ago, some users of the popular social media site started to report that changing the date of  birth on their accounts left them locked out of twitter. Why? No one is too sure. Let’s dive in!

When did it start?

In May  reddit users took to the forum to complain about the locks. Users across the world were frustrated with the action taken against them seemingly without warning. One theory is that the GDPR regulations were implemented worldwide rather than solely in Europe as complaints came from across the EU, the US and even as far away as Malaysia. The accounts in question are those created supposedly before the user had turned 13. When a user amends their age twitter picks up on it and bam! Locked.

A Breach of Privacy?

Twitter users are claiming that the popular platform requires government-issued ID to access those locked accounts. If the accounts aren’t unlocked within a set period of time they are deleted permanently. Some people even say that after they have produced relevant ID some are being told age verification is impossible or unlikely. Users are calling this a breach of privacy as, in comparison to similar platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, this level of rule enforcement is never-before-seen.

Ongoing Joke

Twitter users are still expressing upset and frustration. On every twitter post there seems to be comment after comment covering opinions and dismay. From May there have been thousands of comments on Twitter’s own tweets regarding the arduous lengths people have gone to to get their accounts back. From personal accounts to business accounts, no one is winning here.

Do you think Twitter will fix this?

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