The Trends In 2017 Are Set To Change The Course of Social Media

Social media trends evolve and progress by the minute, and the trends of 2016 were no exception. We saw numerous trends rise and fall, plenty of new features added to existing platforms. (And a huge boost to social media as a whole.) So, just like 2016, we have some insightful predictions as to where the world of social is heading for 2017. The still images and slow feeds are becoming outdated; video content is dominating our timelines more and more each day.

trends in 2017Live Video

It’s no secret that Live Video is already a growing trend. It’s the feature that’s described as the future of social media. The craze was born and embraced in early 2016. However, there is so much more potential for the feature this year. With the rise of periscope and Facebook live, Instagram have recently jumped on the bandwagon with their own unveiling of Live. (Currently limited to the USA.)

The whole world is starting to live stream their lives as it happens. This leaves a lot of room for businesses to show case behind the scenes, a day in the life, events and competitions, the lists are endless. To add to the already snowballing feature, Facebook and YouTube recently announced that they are incorporating 360 Video into the Live services. The combination of these two current and popular trends will definitely project them across our screens for 2017.

360 Videotrends in 2017

You may have seen our blog way back last year, where we introduced 360 video to Engage Hub. As all trends begin, sometimes it takes a while for the rest of the world to catch up. (Which is why 2017 will be the year of 360 video.) After we created 360 video for numerous brands, they experienced a huge spike in engagement and brand awareness.

Whether your restaurant wants to share the atmosphere in the kitchen, bar or terrace. Or whether you’re an estate agent and want to showcase entire houses in virtual showings, 360 video is your new best friend. It has the ability to create engaging and virtual reality-esque content, which is proving to be the focal trend for social media.

trendsVirtual Reality

Something we are bound to be seeing much more of this year is VR. We saw the technology make a sharp increase towards the end of 2016. Plenty of gaming apps and gaming console companies are taking user experience to the next level. However, aside from using VR headsets peaking consumer interest, we have seen an enormous spike in VR video on social platforms.

Gone are the days of photos being enough; exciting, engaging and reactive videos are what consumers need. Take a movie trailer, what could make your content more enticing? A virtual reality video where the viewer can physically look around the 360 view, as if they were there. 2016 saw plenty of horror genre titles using this trend, and 2017 is set to see a lot more.


Influencer marketing is the new Digital PR, and the trend is growing fast. Whether you’re broadcasting a new product launch, increasing brand awareness or targeting a social campaign, an influencer can take your campaign to the next level. The trend has grown from strength to strength each year, and 2017 is only set to see the trend Trends in 2017expand again. However, some brands shy away from utilising influencer marketing as it can be intimidating to smaller businesses. When influencers appear on social, they are often working with some big name brands. But this form of marketing works just as well for the start-ups too.

Influencers with colossal following might not be the right fit for your brand, that’s where micro influencer campaigns come in. As the trend has evolved, more and more small influencers are helping brands to grow. We specialise in all kinds of influencers from all sectors. No matter your niche, there’s an influencer to suit you.

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