What would a blog-post about Manchester be without talking about tea. Tea, le café, or to put it more bluntly, a brew, is a classic Northern art. Everybody has their own preferences regarding their brew; with/without sugar, with/without milk. And don’t get me started on what constitutes as a ‘teaspoon’ of sugar… Here are our top 5 recommendations for quality brews in Manchester or Leeds:

  1. The Teacup Kitchen, Thomas Street

    The name of this cafe says it all really. The Teacup team prides themselves on being connoisseurs of brews. If a brew was treated like wine, the teacup kitchen would advertise and run brew-tasting sessions. If you’ve ever just thought, tea is limited to English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green tea; then you’re wrong. Every tea imaginable can be found in the Teacup Kitchen, they even have multiple forms of English Breakfast. This cafe is also owned by Mr. Scruff, a DJ with a cult following in Manchester. Nestled in on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter.

  2. Pot Kettle Black, Deansgate

    A close strong contester for best brew in Manchester is Pot Kettle Black and is based on
    Deansgate. Pot Kettle Black is quite difficult to spot, but it’s quite a memorable cafe for good old brew. Being based on Deansgate is also a good option for those who have worked their
    way down to Southern areas of Manchester shopping and want a little break from walking.

  3. Richmond Tea Rooms, Richmond Street

    Richmond Tea Rooms is for every person that likes a fancy cup of tea, late in the afternoon. If you have some spare time in the week or weekend, this is a great one for a good chat. It’s stereotypically quite ‘girly’, but if you’re into dainty cuisine, you will enjoy this. It’s also a good one for birthdays and events. You may have to book in advance, but it’s worth it for a special treat.

Where would you recommend for a brew?