I met her on Hinge. ‘Huh?’ I hear you say. But not for much longer…

Tinder has met it’s match’, or so they say… and even gone a step further. Hinge, much like the hardware found between a door and a doorframe, connects 2 objects. In this case, connecting you with the potential love of your life, or someone special at least. That’s the difference between Tinder and Hinge – Connecting you to ONLY friends of friends. Yes, you heard it right. It connects you to your friend’s friends, increasing the odds of finding like-minded people that you actually have something in common with, and the chances of getting harassed by some creep opening with ‘Netflix and chill’, much less.hinge, tinder, app, review

Much like Tinder, it authenticates you by using your Facebook profile then searches for matches in your area. Other added extras include having a more detailed profile for your matches to peruse over and above all Hinge only sends you 10-15 profiles per day, with a little indicator so you know how many you’ve been through. This way you’ll have to consider each profile a little more carefully instead of swiping like a man (or woman) possessed.hinge, tinder, reviews, app, dating, manchester

Did I mentioned that it has an ‘Undo’ button! The button we’ve all been waiting for. Swiped left on the love of your life? Don’t worry, hit ‘Undo’ and you’ll be reunited at the swiping screen.

If you’re not already convinced then you should know that last year Hinge’s used base grew 500% and is expanding one city at time. So far only London has been introduce to Hinge in the UK.

You can download the app as we speak but you won’t be able to connect just yet. So if you want to get Manchester on the Hinge map, download the app now.

What are you waiting for? Start now.