Beyoncé has been in our hearts and a big part of life for the past 36 years. Since the internet has taken off, she’s had an even bigger impact. Queen Bey is not only a literal goddess but an inspiration to many around the world meaning she’s always in the public eye. That means everything she does is huge. Here are our top four Beyoncé moments of 2017-18.

Baby Glam

Beyoncé stunned the world last year by showing off her pregnancy on instagram. People around the globe were not only impressed by her consistent beauty and modesty but by how honest her photo shoot was. For want of a better word, she slayed.


What could have been better? Well, we’ll tell you. Five months later Bey came out with this gorgeous photo. Her flawless skin and carefree expression showed us just how much of a summer mum she was. Moreover, we got to see those gorgeous twins!


Pregnancy Just Made Her Prettier

Her outfits didn’t stop there, either. Her style was transcendent and versatile as always. Here are just a few of our favourite pregnancy outfits Beyoncé sported last year.

Bey-Z Had Me Shook

The Carters are a great family. They’ve had their ups and downs but they’ve stuck together despite it all. Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently released an album together, cementing their relationship (at least in the public eye). A great album was made better through attention to lyrics. Bey and Jay weren’t afraid to speak their minds throughout the album. Beyoncé threw shade at spotify, and Jay-Z confirmed he was invited to perform at the Superbowl.

Bey-Z have had their fun now the internet is left swooning over the couple.

Louvre for Rent

Something we’re not used to seeing is the use of iconic art inn music videos. We say an artist is iconic, or an outfit, or a phrase. Beyoncé, who isn’t happy with the expected, had this to say:

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