Threads have never been more popular on Twitter than in 2017. No, we’re not referring to clothes when you read the word “threads”. We’re not cool enough to pull off lingo like that.

We are in fact talking about Twitter threads (or Tweetstorms, as they are referred to by some). Twitter has taken note of this popularity in their new update which launched last weekend.

What’s new with threads?

In this update, creating a thread has never been easier. Why? The Tweet composer has added a plus button! This plus button allows you to connect your thoughts and publish your thread all at the same time.

This is a positive step away from the previous incarnation of threads. At first, tweets were enumerated to signify they were part of a thread. This made the stories hard to track unless they were eternalised in a BuzzFeed article.

Moving away from this, Twitter users began to connect their threads in other ways. They started a thread through posting a successive string of replies to their original tweet.

Unfortunately, due to algorithmic timelines, Tweetstorms became easily disrupted. This disruption would happen when verified Twitter users would reply to the first tweet in a thread. Or, when a reply to a thread got lots and lots of engagement.

However, the new update is PERFECT, as these previous mishaps have been eradicated. Parody accounts, the president of the United States and everyone in-between will be delighted with the new update. It’s never been easier to fire 50 tweets onto the timeline in a hot second.

Our favourite threads in 2017

Everybody in the office has been compiling a list of the best threads we’ve seen in 2017. We had a lot of fun reliving some of these hilarious tweetstorms! Just click the tweets below to explore. Enjoy!

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