With six year olds having the same level of technological knowledge as a forty five year old it’s safe to say we are very much apart of the digital age.  An age where sitting in front of a computer screen, isolated from the world, allows more levels of social attraction than dragging yourself away from that bright square box we call our computer screen.  Social media swallows up more than a quarter of all time online, one third of that happening via mobile.   With the average person holding five social media accounts, those statistics aren’t all that surprising.


The US may be slightly more hooked on what selfie Kim Kardashian is going to upload next, who was voted off Big Brother last, or who scored the latest Brazil goal, but that is not to say social media hasn’t become an integral part in British people’s daily lives.  Although Facebook and Twitter have indeed gone from being largely occupied by your next door neighbour’s teenage daughter posting drunken party pictures, or your sister sharing cute stories about cats, (which aren’t all that cute, and aren’t all that relevant), to users debating politics and coming together to support each other during natural disasters, it still begs the question, why are we so addicted to social media? Why do we use it hour upon hour, day upon day?


Nobody likes to be alone.  The truth is, we desire to belong, desire to feel attached, desire to be a part of something.  Exist.  We want to join clubs, organizations, churches, be a part of a community in general, social media allows us to do that.  Many of us do, in fact, feel voiceless.  Twitter gives us that voice, Facebook gives us that voice, even Instagram gives us that voice to a certain extent.  We can say what we want with the chance of being heard, we can voice our opinions to the world, that is the addiction behind social media.  The sense of belonging, the idea of being in accordance with somebody else simply by them liking your status.