This week social media has been hectic. With so many events taking place over the last few days people have been left confused so we thought we’d help. Here’s this week’s social media breakdown.

Kim Kardashian West’s Social Faux-Pas

Social Media queen, KKW, rocked the week with her appetite-suppressing lollipop. This ad was criticised by Jameela Jamil as toxic and said she felt “actual despair that this is what women are reduced to.” and in the end Kim felt there was nothing to do but delete the post. What are your thoughts on the ad? Should it have been taken down or did it have a right to stay up?

Gemma Collins – Master Chef Material?

Gemma Collins has been announced among a dozen or so other stars to be in this summer’s Celebrity Master Chef. This TOWIE star’s fame has grown exponentially over the past 8 years and it’s not hard to see why. Her strong personality and determination give her the spotlight in any room and we can’t wait to see how she’ll do this summer!

Kristen Stuart’s Barefoot Protest

Cannes’s Film Festival has a very quiet but strict no-flats policy for women on the red carpet. Women have been turned away for years for wearing flats and Kristen Stuart is having none of it. Her attitude is that if she doesn’t want to wear heels, she won’t. She isn’t the first celeb to do this either – Julia Roberts went barefoot in 2016 at the Cannes premier for Money Monster. Emily Blunt has also been quoted saying the ban is “very disappointing.”

Below: Julia Roberts at the Money Monster premier after taking off her heels in favour of being barefoot.

Met Gala – Sails and Fails

2018 Met Gala saw some gorgeous looks. Rhianna stunned with her bishop-inspired dress and hat. Wendy Yu’s gorgeous flowing gown and Salma Hayek both amazed crowds in their beautiful and uniquely ornate dresses. Jennifer Lopez’s awe-inspiring dress is now being auctioned to raise money for AIDS research.

Grayham Norton’s Best Bits

Graham Norton’s savage quips at Eurovision have been on everyone’s mind this week. His ability to rip into anyone and everyone has left more than a few people crying with laughter. A true icon. We’re sure Eurovision wouldn’t be the same without him. 

 “You asked for Eurovision you got Eurovision. A giant piano, a burning staircase, badly performed interpretative dance, the bar has been set very high, ladies and gentlemen.”

Royal Wedding

Our hearts leapt this weekend for Meghan and Harry. Their gorgeous celebrations weren’t left unnoticed by anyone. Famous guests went into the cathedral two by two. Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and Idris Elba were among just a few of the 600 incredible guests who saw Meghan walk herself down the isle in person. Bishop Michael Curry’s fiery sermon was well recieved by the entire royal family. His unexpected energy and passion conjured a few giggles from one or two of the duchesses and brough a gleeful smile to Meghan’s face. Most notably he advised the newlyweds “There’s power in love, don’t underestimate it.”

This is just one impressive, hectic week of many we see across social media and the world. If you want more updates then just follow our twitter @EngageHub.