Introducing WatAdventure

Let us paint you a picture; imagine the child in your life, designed and printed in their very own adventure storybook! Well that’s what WatAdventure, our latest client, have in store for the kids of the UK, and they’ve asked us to catapult them into the homes of every young child!

Watadventure is the first truly personalised children’s book, allowing parents to design a lookalike avatar that travels to the wonders of the world. Sirius the dog and Holly the conductor accompany your child on the Watabus as they set off on their adventures! WatAdventure’s mission is to let your child be the star of the story and to also change the way children can see the world!

social media management

Social Media Management & More!

So, we met with the guys over at WatAdventure. We discussed social media management, strategies, online personality and methods to drive sales. We got a great feel for the team over there and had a thorough read of their book and the Watabus adventure!

social media management

So, WatAdventure came to us with a single aim; get their book to as many people as possible. They have an amazing idea and they’re incredibly passionate, just what we love in a brand! So we spent time learning about their product and learning about their vision.

Firstly, we’re focusing heavily on engagement to execute an amazing social media campaign. We’ll be designing engaging social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re best known for engaging, so we will be utilising this by seeking out real time conversations from potential customers.

As well as this, we are working alongside influencers to increase WatAdventure’s exposure. Finally, we’re working on some world class disruptive events to run alongside the social media management. These are going to be the biggest and the best campaigns to hit the nation, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media and WatAdventure’s social for the latest updates. You won’t want to miss out!

If you like the sound of the work we’re doing and fancy similar strategies for your brand, get in touch today and let us transform your online presence! Ray Sherlock, Manchester – 0161 222 3450