Social media influencer campaigns are a lot of fun. What makes them great can differ from brand to brand but if you want to be remembered you need to be bold, disruptive and fun. July has been a month for heatwaves, summer excitement and hot hot people. But what happened, exactly?

Jurassic Park on the Thames

This year is the silver anniversary of Jurassic Park. That’s right, it was released 25 years ago. So what was done to publicise it? Obviously, a giant statue of Jeff Goldblum was erected on the side of the Thames! NowTV is streaming the blockbuster and to make sure as many people subscribed to their services as possible they make as much noise as possible. They were very clever about it, too. By popping Jeff on the side on the river and not just blowing up a terrible plastic balloon version of him he gained more positive attention and NowTV got better  results. Clichés don’t always work!

Revolution Cosmetics Collaborates

This month Revolution Cosmetics has made a splash with their collaborations and palettes. Namely, eyeshadow palettes. Revolution has created a social media influencer campaign featuring more than 10 influencers to develop looks, content and Revolution X palettes. They gained huge reach by sponsoring posts on the influencers’ own accounts and are selling their products across cosmetics websites such as Revolution Cosmetics, Superdrug and ULTA Beauty. A great part of Revolution’s Influencer campaign is that they looked at what was important to their audience and that became three things; quality, variety and diversity. They used more than one gender, race and age in their campaign and made sure they and the influencers made palettes that their fans would react positively to. Speaking of collaborations…

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star

These two YouTube mega stars started out as insecure balls of teenaged angst, were problematic for a while and then bloomed into creative and fantastic people. They’ve developed their careers alongside their characters. Now, they’re reflecting on what brought them to where they are now. Rather than planning a social campaign to bring them attention, this was a surprise to both the YouTubers. Shane Dawson’s “becoming [youtuber] for a day” series took off a year ago and has since become a great hit, not least with Jeffree Star’s audience. The two collaborated in a six-part episode to talk about the many mysteries surrounding Jeffree star and many were blown away. Since then both have gained an even bigger following. What’s more, the videos have gained nearly 70 million views collectively in the past week alone and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


One of the most talked about tanning brands on the UK market. Australis has grown exponentially over the past couple of months since its launch. They knew the key to getting millions of people talking was an influencer marketing campaign. Australis UK signed up four influential women in the beauty and fashion world as brand ambassadors to target their combined millions of followers.  They also used a gifting campaign to target micro influencers in order to build a rapport.

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