Are you confused about social media? Not sure which platform will be best for you? That’s what we at Engage Hub are here for! Not only will we create content for your social media profiles, but we will also help you focus on the networks that are the best for your business.

This guide is just an insight into the most popular networks in the world of social media – there are so many more, the possibilities are endless.



Facebook is the largest and most popular form of social network – almost every person now has their own, personal Facebook page, but is it ideal for your business? If your business deal with matters that people might want to keep private, then don’t expect your following to grow very large, as Facebook is a very public platform and a lot is shared, including page and post likes with people’s friends. However, as Facebook is so widely used, it can be a great social media platform to use for many business, and many have successful followings. There are a number of features integrated on Facebook, such as the ability to broadcast live video feeds to your followers, advertising your page to your target audience and also built in analytics.


The second most popular social media platform has to be Twitter, which has now become a staple in every day social life. Many brands are socially active on Twitter, sharing the latest news about their products, provoking conversation and most importantly, engaging with their customers. This is probably the best platform to promote all types of brands as users decide who and what they want to see on their feeds. Also, the audience is large and friendly and users love to talk to others, as well as brands, on Twitter, making it wonderful to truly engage with your customer base. Twitter isn’t a platform to be scared of as you can get great results, fast!


Popular with the younger crowd, Instagram is the hottest image sharing app around. If your business is very visual then this would be the perfect platform for you. Reaching your target audience isn’t hard on this app thanks to hashtags that are specific to your images, and these can shape your following on the platform. However, Instagram needs regular updating to keep your following, so if your brand isn’t interested in visual media, then this platform wouldn’t be as useful as some others mentioned here.


LinkedIn is great for all types of businesses and professional individuals as it showcases your skills, experience and knowledge in your field. This platform is great if you want your company to gain industry network connections with other businesses and professionals. LinkedIn conducted a survey and said that 50% of their users were more likely to buy a product if the company was to engage with them on the platform. If you want to create a professional image for your business, then this is a good platform for you to be active on.


A relatively new platform, but an incredibly popular one, Snapchat has over 100 million users, and there is no doubt that it is here to stay! Businesses are now tapping into this huge audience and making the most of it! Sharing daily video and photo stories it is a fun way to advertise your goods or services, however, the key word here is fun. If you want your business to have a serious or more professional image, this isn’t the network that you want to go for. It can also take a lot of work to create these daily stories that are also entertaining for you viewers. However, companies such as fashion brand Misguided and cosmetics brand Nars, who are regularly active on the app and provide their viewers with weekly updates and sneak peeks.


Lastly, YouTube has a huge social community which is fantastic for companies to share their video media such as adverts, events and product launches. Brands that are active on YouTube include the cosmetics brand Makeup Revolution and gaming company PlayStation who have found creative ways to promote their products while also engaging with their audience. However, if your brand would struggle to make visual media, then this platform is not worth the time is takes to create content to be posted on here.


The best social media strategy is not down to just using one of these social networks. If you really want to excel in the world of social media for your business, you can use a number, or even all, of these platforms to get amazing coverage and exposure for your brand. Of course, if you’re still struggling with social media, then we would be happy to help you create content, engage with customers and grow your audience.

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