What Is Amplify?

We’re happy to announce that we are the first social agency in Manchester to offer Amplify. This new service is specifically designed for agencies, freelancers or in house teams who have a campaign but need it to go further. It’s a service like no other, a totally unique way to skyrocket your reach. Whether it’s through influencer, video, disruptive or engagement, we amplify your results with our tried and tested services.

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For agencies and in-house teams, we specialise in increasing reach for campaigns. We deal with a wealth of different clients, and we know exactly what it takes to make your campaign succeed. With your killer campaign and our know-how, let’s work together to achieve awesome results.  Together we cannot fail. And for freelancers going it alone, get the backing of an agency. We’ll help to push your solo campaign out to the masses.

More and more often we’re seeing cases of agencies banding together with other agencies to create an outstanding campaign. It’s also a great way to collaborate for services that your agency might not provide. We’re proud of the results we’ve accomplished alongside other agencies, just take a look at what we did with Best Bit for UK Greetings.

UK Greetings Case Study

So, Best Bit approached us with a goal. Push the UK Greetings Father’s Day video campaign as far as possible in 48 hours. Challenge accepted.

Best Bit created UK Greetings this awesome, prank-style video for use across social and to push their #SendACard campaign. As a social agency in Manchester who is notorious for engagement, we were the clear choice to amplify this campaign. We used intense, hard hitting engagement to push the video across thousands of social feeds on Facebook and Twitter. From highly influential accounts, to people chatting about Father’s Day, we engaged with everyone to make sure the video’s reach was outstanding. Watch the video to find out exactly how we executed it…

So, what did we achieve? 250,000 people were reached, 43,000 video views and 1,000 pieces of engagement. Targets successfully smashed!

Well, what are you waiting for? We’re ready to amplify your campaign, no matter the challenge! Pick up the phone or drop us an email, let’s get creative and skyrocket your results! 0161 222 3450 hello@engagehub.co.uk