It may seem like an odd comparison, but Snapchat and Instagram have a very similar format. They offer both visual formats for advertising. Except Snapchat only allows a quick glimpse of a photo, whilst Instagram is permanent. The two  formats offer two different ways of connecting with audiences. But which one will suit you?

Snapchat is great for instant exposure. Most people leave their notifications turned on for Snapchat – or at least I do. This is because Snapchat often has pictures that are taken ‘in the moment’. They’re usually funny, often personal and many people use Snapchat to communicate with friends. There’s something quite humble about snapchat, compared to Instagram. Pulling funny faces in a snapshot is the essence of Snapchat, it’s more intended for humour. It’s largely used by the ‘youth’ of today, so if you’re targeting a 18-25 year old range, it might be for you. But it’s also worth noting, it has less world-wide users than Instagram.Engage Hub, Manchester, Social Media Agency, Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Snapchat, Instagram

Photos on Instagram often try to portray the ‘perfect life’. Instagram is the home of selfies and filters. Instagram emphasises perfection, whilst Snapchat offers a more ‘human’ experience. Instagram is often used by businesses to showcase products or services to customers. You can use hashtags on Instagram and certain ones attract more customers than most.

It’s also worth noting that Instagram has more users worldwide, and more of an age-range in its users. This is a good thing, if you’re trying to get your brand/business recognised worldwide, any exposure is good exposure right? But it also means it’s quite difficult to measure how influenced customers are by your service. At the end of the day, if you’re a plumber based in Wales, your service won’t be much use in the far-east.

Both social networks have their play, but it can often be difficult to understand which one to use. Sometimes it’s better to concentrate on just a few Social Media networks, than every single one half-heartedly. Quality over quantity after all…