Why Being Self-Absorbed Should Be Your Brand’s New Business Model.

When you think of self-absorption, what do you see? Is it Kim Kardashian, the Jenners? Whoever it is, it’s time for you to start taking a few leaves out of their book. However, being wrapped up in your own world has bad connotations, so we’re here to break down those stereotypes, as the behaviours that come with it can be seriously beneficial to a brand.
Do you want the public to buy into your business? What about huge customer interest and hype online? We assume most brands want all that, and we think that being self-absorbed is the key! In today’s day and age, there’s too much modesty around; you need to be comfortable screaming your name from a rooftop and listing all the reasons of why you’re so great. People buy into a brand that knows it’s the best, if you’ve got the great content and a platform to showcase it, then why wouldn’t you tell everyone? Icons such as Kim Kardashian have built their empire on literally selling themselves, her face makes money and brands are fighting to work with her, so she must be doing something right.


Showcase What You Do

If you don’t believe in your brand and what you offer then no one else will, by telling people you’re the best then customers and businesses are unlikely to disagree with you. Stand out and showcase what you’ve got to offer by pushing it on social; social media is the way forward when it comes to putting what you’ve got out there, because where else does a video or post go viral?
It’s easy to get carried away by just product pushing and trying to sell to people whilst they scroll aimlessly through social, but when executed correctly, self-assured promotion can be your best friend. Displaying what you do and why it’s the best is much more than just posting examples of your work, it’s giving your brand a whole personality overhaul. Your brand’s whole demeanour online needs to change in order to coincide with the product posts.


Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s plenty of businesses online that promote their services, but not enough of them explain why theirs is the best. You have to lead your followers to a conclusion about you; don’t just post your work online and leave it up to everyone else to form an opinion, tell them! ‘We’re the greatest at video production and if you don’t believe us you’re crazy!’ Don’t be afraid to tell people you think you’re good, more often than not you’ll find everyone wants to agree with you.


Don’t Make It Personal

Now you’re ready to start your autobiography and set up a fan page, hold on for a second. Remember why it is you’re taking this approach – it’s all about user experience. Self-absorbed managers aren’t what customers want, they just want to see your brand as a whole have confidence in itself. Self-absorption is about having total faith and trust in what your business can deliver to its clients. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, make sure the content you’re putting out into the world warrants a good response; no one wants to see a poorly conducted case study with a caption claiming you’re the best. Build your skills and showcase the best parts.

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