Over the years memes have grown, developed into a widespread cultural phenomenon. They’re a subject taught in universities across the world and most importantly into a way to take the micky. The Royals, however, are a national treasure for many people. Our Royal family is internationally recognised for their splendour and elegance so imagine everyone’s surprise when this happened.

The internet was perplexed about what the pair were waving at and responded the only way it can. With memes.

Above: Britney waves to the royal couple, proud of their little baby and feeling quite honoured. Below: Michael Jackson looks on at the couple, just pleased he has his special tree
Rihanna waves to the couple, looking a lot more tired than the mum who has just given birth.

But that’s not all! Harry and Meghan’s graceful wedding presented the nation with opportunities for partying, relaxing and you guessed it – memes. Meghan’s gorgeous dress and Harry’s stunning traditional suit were made the more compromised by this. wave.

We absolutely love this charming photo and the obvious glee on the newlyweds’ faces but can’t help to wonder just what this couple are so emotive….

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