Fall Out Boy were everybody’s flannel-shirted, studded belt wet dream. But their fanbase has grown and grown over the years, attracting many from different walks of life. I was surprised by how many middle-aged adults were there actually. I took my little sister to this gig, and when you’re at that impressionable age, gigs are¬†amazing.

The gig itself kicked off with Matt & Kim, for a supporting act, they were fantastic. The sound was very good and I’ve been listening to them a lot since the gig itself. They are an electronic-based, alternative 2 piece (drummer and singer/keyboardist) who certainly took people by surprise. They certainly woke me up after a long day at work. Their tunes are catchy and so fun-loving; they’re wild¬†animals on stage.

Special guest ‘Pro Green’ also made an appearance before the show, he’s one of those musicians that just seem to pop up everywhere at gigs. I’ve seen him twice and I’ve only seen him as a supporting act… His manager must be doing a lot of work. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of Pro-Green, and most of the time I was amused by how confused Manchester was when he arrived on stage. But, I did recognise quite a few of his songs, such as Monster, as I’ve seen him before and as I said… he pops up everywhere.

I should probably get on to the main review of Fall Out Boy’s concert itself. It opened with some stunning visuals and artwork by the band, beginning with the song ‘Sugar we’re going down’, an oldie but a goodie. It was insane the energy in the room. Screaming 15 year olds accompanied with middle aged men that refused to stand (too much energy you know?) it was an eclectic mix… and so was the set list. The thing with Fall Out Boy is they know how to make a melody. Patrick, the lead singer, writes a lot of the songs and they are always catchy. I didn’t even know half of the songs, as I hadn’t listened to them in ages and got the ticket last minute. But I could still sing along and I have already bought their latest album. Their newest songs, such as ‘Immortals’, sound a lot more ‘grown up’ and they’re sound has changed, but damn those melodies are still killing it.

One of my favourite moments of the gig was the intimacy. Even though the gig took place in the MEN, you still felt special in the audience. In the middle of Fall Out Boy’s set, there was an intimate acoustic set which felt pretty magical to be honest. Followed by a raucous drum solo, the whole gig felt like the band actually had creative freedom over what they can do. It felt fun, spontaneous and not staged.