Who Is Influencing Your Brand? Asks Ray Sherlock Manchester

Retweets; how important are they to you? How about Facebook shares? Pretty crucial for getting your business some exposure you might say, and you’re right. However, instead of looking at the number of retweets or shares you get, are you assessing who’s actually reposting you and who their followers are? Probably not. A crucial part of influencing brands is looking at the accounts that promote you. Who is their demographic, does it tie in with your brand’s vision, is it relevant to the service you provide? These are all key questions that sometimes get lost in the motion of trying to push your brand across social with the help of an influencer.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs then you will have seen our take on influencers and the way in which the world of digital marketing is headed. For example, we discussed how YouTubers are becoming the new choice of influencers for brands – these brands take a good look at video creators and assess which of them has the best target audience for their product. If a company wants to advertise a new gaming console, they’re not going to choose a beauty guru to showcase it. You should be applying this logic to your brand’s social accounts. Using celebrities or respected bloggers to promote your brand on social is not a new notion, it’s a fool proof method to rapidly gain exposure and push your follower count. However, what some businesses don’t realise is that just any old ‘celeb’ or blogger isn’t going to have a major impact on your brand, you need to look beyond the influencer and look at who they will be influencing to.

It may look great getting loads of retweets and shares from an influencer says Ray Sherlock Manchester, but who really is their audience? If you’re an upmarket restaurant that caters to older executives and allows companies to host business meetings, inviting an actor from a daytime soap to trial a few dishes off the menu won’t be bringing in any prospective new eaters. A lot of the time, these small-time influencers have a loyal fan base that will retweet and share anything the influencer posts, simply because they follow and like them. It’s crucial to look past these engagement numbers and find an influencer that will really push your brand into the path of likeminded people; an upmarket brand should find an equal influencer. The influencer’s word that they enjoy, use or respect your brand will have much more of an effect on new clients whose interests align with that of your influencer’s.

A single post and a few retweets from solid and engaging followers will do a lot for your brand if the engagers align with your business; your upmarket restaurant needs to reach older executives that are interested in expensive cuisine. This target audience can be easily reached by using a blogger that’s relevant to your style, or by inviting a respected businessperson to dine with you and share the experience to their social. You’ll see the effect of this marketing far more than if you were to invite a daytime actor or entertainer; their audience is much more likely to be younger people only interested in the selfies posted, and they most likely don’t even live near your restaurant.

The digital marketing and world of influencers can be an overwhelming place, but here at Engage Hub we’re always successfully pairing our clients with big-time influencers! If you need a hand with your social or don’t know where to start when it comes to using an influencer then give the team a call and let’s get creative!