This month is Manchester’s pride month. As a social media agency Manchester Pride is something we wanted to get involved with. We’ve created a video for them for their fundraising event in spring and continue to support them. With rich culture and history what is it that makes us Mancunian and what should we really be proud of?

Alan Turing – Father of Computer Science

Alan Turing was a stunningly clever man with bounds of curiosity and personality. His life was spent encrypting and decrypting languages, code and more. It was his interest and passion that took him to fame. During WW2 he was assigned to a decryption team the primary site for British codebreakers and allies at the time.He fell in love with his schoolmate, Christopher Morcom and named a gorgeous machine after him. Alan lived in Wilmslow for the majority of his life and after being found to be gay and seeing men regularly he was given Oestrogen. He was pardoned, however, by the queen. Alan Turing is, rightfully, no longer a criminal.

Support the Youth

The LGBT centre is the place for LGBT+ youth in Manchester and across the UK. Over 600 people a week are seen here and there’s a cup of tea, and smiling face to greet every one. Youth in Manchester, this is for you. This place was built in the 80s and is the first government-funded purpose built LGBT+ centre in Europe. Their social media is amazing and always they always have something new on. Manchester can be proud that they enabled this and Mancunians led the way with their open hearts.

Canal Street

Once a hotspot for lewd behaviour and violence, canal street is now a space for celebration. There are Pride events galore. From clubs to green spaces there’s something for everyone in this particular community. Canal street is the home of the LGBT foundation. This is a place for LGBT+ adults to come and chat, relax and have fun without pressures or annoyances. There’s a lot to be proud of in Manchester’s gay village. And you’re welcome there. Whoever you are.

Even More

Events are taking place in Manchester on a regular basis so it’s always good to keep an eye out for what’s on. Beeing a social media agency (oh ho) we know everything that goes on that’s worth knowing about. Even if it’s not specifically social. So what else has caught our eye?

Bee the Best

Manchester has exploded with bees. Last month 101 bees popped up in various locations throughout Greater Manchester. These bees see everything from STEM to Vimto. Alan, the videographer at Engage Hub Social Media Agency Manchester (as opposed to London) went out and took some photos just for us.

Ian McKellen

Only three years ago Sir Ian McKellen led the Pride celebrations in Manchester. His smiling face came all the way from Wigan to join fellow LGBT+ people. Last year he also made an appearance for the first time ever at Wigan pride, only a few miles away, showing how proud he was of his roots and managed to introduce himself to every participant despite being nearly 80 years in age. Not bad, eh?


Wether you’ve lived in Manchester your whole life, went to uni here or have just come for a day out you’re a part of Manchester, too. Your views matter too so tweet us or comment on our most recent instagram post to tell us why you’re proud of Manchester, London or your home town.

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