You may have heard of Trip Advisor, but have you heard of Peeple? Peeple has been described as the trip advisor of people, allowing you to rate people out of 5. You can rate people through three categories: romance, personality or professional. You can add people to the database, if you have their mobile number. Seems like every dystopian, paranoid nightmare come true doesn’t it?

But others have argued that it’s not all that bad. The apps PlayerBlock and Don’t Date Him Girl, allow exclusively women to rate men based on dates. Lulu is also another app that ‘helps’ people decide on dates. Unvarnished is yet, another that amusingly was titled ‘the yelp for people’ which now Peeple has claimed as it’s own, however with the Untarnished app you can post anonymous reviews.

960-peeple-app-hit-by-wave-of-criticismThese apps have been around for a long-time, and you can’t help but wonder, is the stir-up about Peeple simply due to a social media buzz? After all, there was hardly much publicity about Lulu and other apps similar. Peeple have argued against their critics stating ‘innovators are often put down because people are scared and they don’t understand.” But I’m still not convinced.

If you want another reason why you should worry about your self-image, Peeple seems perfect for that. The app’s developers do claim that it’s a ‘positive’ idea, supposed to boost people’s self-esteem. Negative ratings are reviewed for up to 48 hours before they are posted on somebody’s ratings profile, but what is classed as an inappropriate ‘review’? It hasn’t full been discussed with the press how much protection the app has against abuse or harassment, which is slightly concerning. 

The app is due to launch in November, and whilst their press has hardly been positive, it will probably still take off as many are curious to see it… at least for a little bit anyway.