Everybody Loves A PATRON

A Japanese influencer support platform called PATRON has begun to raise funds with an initial coin offering in order to radicalise influencer marketing to its very core.

PATRON‘s Beta website appears as a trading place, with influencers advertising themselves besides their fee and graphs which map their influence. It’s all very sketchy, however, with a spot of imagination you can project how this platform would look, appear and work.

How Does Patron Benefit Influencers And Brands?

Influencers will be able to use the platform to stream to more than ten different platforms at the same time, whilst brands will supposedly be able to pick up influencers with ease, without an intermediary taking a fee for sourcing them.

Whilst the initial rollout of information is vague, the end goal for PATRON is to create a global marketplace for influencers in a world of marketing which is all about the influencer.

In the idealistic worldview of PATRON, influencers will manage themselves and brands will have influencers at their disposal for a cut cost. The intention is to make influencer marketing and its mechanics more transparent.

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Is This Thing Actually Going To Work?

For the platform to even get off the ground, they will have to successfully achieve their goals of an initial coin offering. However, that already seems quite viable.

The full public launch for funding will begin on March 1st, but PATRON has already surpassed its initial target of 10 million dollars worth of subscriptions before the public ICO is launched.

In conjunction with plenty of press, some strong digital partners and the rough concept of a fairly decent idea for a platform, we’re eagerly awaiting the proposed progression of PATRON, from white paper to a fully fledged social media player.

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