YouTube and YouTubers, over the past 5 years, have grown to tremendous heights. It has spawned a new wave of social media stars: complete with conventions, teenage fandoms and apps created by its stars. It has attracted film makers, such as Casey Neistat. It enthralled Karlie Kloss, supermodel of the world. Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones actress, is also currently experimenting with it. Then we have the pioneering YouTuber stars, such as Smosh who have been running their comedy channel for little over 6 years.

In no particular order, here’s the Engage Hub’s team top 5 list of our favourite ‘YouTubers’ you may not have heard of!

  1. The Vlogger: Casey Neistat

    Film-maker, ruiner of laptops and father of two. Casey Neistat represents very much so the ‘let’s see what happens’ philosophy. An experimenter and go-getter who constantly aspires to be better everyday. Casey comes underneath the category of ‘vlogger’, somebody who records their life everyday for millions of people. To Social Media inept individuals, this sounds absurd. But Casey works his vlogs as mini-films, carefully edited, showcasing the absurdities and marvels of ‘The Big Apple’.

  2. The Foodie: The Domestic Geek

    What’s great about The Domestic Geek’s channel is that her videos are informative, inclusive of various diets and yummy as hell. Never thought salads could be both healthy and yummy? Sara might just change your mind…

  3. The All-Arounder: Gemma Tomlinson

    Gemma has been a YouTuber for quite a while now. She runs 2 separate channels. One titled ‘healthyhappylife’ which is centred around affordable, homemade vegan food. Her other channel is centred around beauty, fashion and interiors. Her channels centre around all-sorts and she’s one of my favourite Northern YouTubers (who are few and far between).

  4. The Arty one: meowitslucy

    Lucy is a YouTuber based ‘down South’. She has recently finished her degree in Filming, and her editing, naturally, is flawless. Our favourite videos of hers are her University advice videos for freshers. Her videos are visually appealing and she’s interesting to listen to, from chatting about her experience as a quaker to her mental health videos.

Conventions, book launches, apps have all been founded by many YouTubers. Youtube has opened up opportunities for pioneering entrepreneurs around the world, no matter what their background. From camera set-ups with webcams to DLSR’s complete with lighting. Vlogs, comedy skits, book reviews.

YouTubers offers pretty much anything you want in terms of online entertainment, not just those cat videos.