With a heavy heart and a much heavier body than I left with, I’m back in Manchester after the most amazing week in New York City.

From the food to the bars, the shopping to the museums, to more bars and even more food, I had the most unbelievable time and didn’t want it to end.

There are few places in the world that have you literally hanging out the taxi window with an awe-stricken, jaw-to-the-floor expression whilst you take your first glimpses of the city.

I’d be lying if I said I did everything you would ever want to do in New York because of the sheer size of the place but, as a first timer, I thought I’d round up the best bits of my jollies for a New York City newbie who wants to experience the best of what it has to offer.

Best pizza in New York City? Hold my slice, I’ve got this…

One of the most fiercely debated topics in New York City is where you can find the best slice of pizza.

By-the-slice pizza joints are strewn across the city (I know, it’s as good as it sounds) which gives you a good excuse to hit up each one you walk by to pass your expertise and judgement on where whips up the best slice.

It wouldn’t be fair to go without giving honourable mentions. The crust on Joe’s Pizza in West Village has people queuing out the door. Eataly brings something different with their cheeseless but equally tasty Neapolitan pizza.

But Famiglia Pizza on 8th Avenue was by far the best (and an outsider shout too). Whilst the other spots have masses of hype, this place goes unsung despite its devoted celebrity fans (The Trump’s, Adam Sandler, Christian Bale).

Stringy cheese, crispy crust and the sweetest tomato sauce combine in what was the cheapest but the best thing I ate whilst in the big apple.

I’m going to go back just to get my hands on another slice of that bad boy. Way to go, Famiglia!

You be Torvill and I’ll be Dean? Let’s skate at Wollman’s!

Although it seems more obvious to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center, Wollman’s in Central Park is by far the better rink to bust a move.

It’s absolutely huge which makes mass collisions less likely and holding onto the side a little less embarrassing.

But I also caught it at a great time as they were hosting a Christmas fiesta that night on the rink. I wasn’t sure how festive Latin House Music was before I visited and I’m still none the wiser. But Dancing on Ice is most definitely fun.

Sign us up, Philip Schofield!

Hop in b****, we’re going to Chelsea Market!

Chelsea Market would be the most interesting venue for a supermarket sweep.

Your baskets would be brimming with cactus tacos that taste like God made them, accompanied by anything you could possibly want with a pug print on it and beautiful hand-crafted jewellery.

The cute and quirky markets are home to the city’s most inspiring independent vendors, making it a perfect spot to pick up something unique for your loved ones.

Need that Christmas card selfie? We know the place…

New York CityYes, there are also debates on where to get the best selfie. But let’s settle the debate here: the bench in front of the water fountain at Rockefeller Centre is the cutest surroundings for a couples Christmas card selfie.

With Saks playing their amazing light display facing the humongous tree, a 360 boomerang is your best bet to capture the most festive spot in New York City.

Visiting the met? Let me paint you a picture…

The Met is an amazing place to visit and indulge in culture, but what spurred me to visit was to see the inspiring David Hockney exhibition.

Seeing his original works in person was a moving experience and I could have got lost staring at his paintings all day.

You the man, Hockney, you the man!

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