New hashtag rules are arriving all the time on Instagram which has affected the way in which content is discovered on the platform.

These changes can be seized as an opportunity to get ahead, grow your account and increase your engagement!

We’ll be outlining two of the latest rules below and explaining what you can do to combat the restrictive elements of these algorithms.

New Hashtag Rule No.1: They Can Be Used With Instagram Stories!

Using a hashtag in your Instagram story will now give you another opportunity to have your content discovered. You can find hashtag stories on the top bar of the hashtag page and, if your story is popular enough, you’ll most likely find it here!

You can add these hashtags into your stories through using both the text tool and the sticker tool. You’re limited to 10 hashtags in each story, but as this format becomes more popular, using a large number of hashtags may begin to look spammy.

Therefore, we’d suggest shrinking the text and hiding them behind emojis or GIFS. You’ll still remain visible this way without hampering the quality of your images!

New Hashtag Rule No.2: You Can Follow Hashtags!

Following hashtags allows you to keep up with specific topical content. You can do this by opening up the hashtag page and tapping on the follow button!

Once you follow a hashtag, the most popular posts from that hashtag will appear on your feed. The more cunning users will use these hashtags to keep up with their competitors and seek inspiration from the people in their field!

Has your brands Instagram engagement hit a slump because of the new rules? Do you need industry knowledge applied to your Instagram strategy?

If you like the sound of the work we’re doing and fancy similar strategies for your brand, get in touch today and let us transform your online presence! Get ahead on Instagram; get the Engage Hub effect.