Over Mother’s Day, a report from GlobalWebIndex came back with some very interesting insights for brands that are social selling to mums.

The study included 1,569 UK mothers aged between 16 and 64, finding that 89 percent of them use Facebook, while 54 percent love a bit of Instagram. What’s more interesting is that 76% of UK mothers also loved purchasing perks and 42% were more likely to splurge if they got next day delivery.


Another study in 2017 from UKOM found that mums spend 2 more hours on social media per month than women without children. This can be put down to sharenting, if you’re a cynic who hates the incessant posting by mothers about their children.

But it can also be put down to the communal feel of social media amongst mums. Tips, products and ideas are shared throughout forums and the comment sections on blogs which creates an amazing marketplace for brands trying to get their products seen.

With a target demographic which is active on social, love engagement and marketing, always look online for product advice and revel in the communal feel of social, mummy brands should now be looking to take advantage of this climate and ramp up the social selling!

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