Multi-screening baby! It’s at the forefront of all the biggest brands product placement strategies. But what on earth is it all about? Let’s find out…

Multi-screening: What on Earth is That?!

The relationship between social media, television and product placement has become extremely tight-knit in recent years. Nowhere has this been more noticeable than on reality television.

Viewers are behaving differently when watching their favourite reality programmes, as their attentions flit between their television sets and their social feeds. The process is called multi-screening, and this new-fangled behaviour is now at the forefront of many brands marketing strategies.

Which brands have taken notice of multi-screening?

During the introduction of contactless payments to the general public (how did we ever live without them?!), Visa collaborated with ITV2 in order to introduce the concept outside of London.

Visa shoed contactless payments into one of ITV2’s flagship shows, The Only Way Is Essex, in order to show how quick and simple paying with contactless is. There’s no more need to mess about with that pesky pin when you’re slinging cocktails in The Sugar Hut!

But why did Visa choose The Only Way Is Essex?

First of all, the demographic. A large portion of their viewers are millennials who love shopping, so where better to place contactless payments than in front of viewers who want to spend money faster and with more ease?

But also – yes you guessed it – these viewers are partial to a bit of multi-screening! The engagement with The Only Way Is Essex is astronomical, meaning more and more people would have their eyes on the prize. The prize being? Visa and their contactless payments!

Visa ran competitions across social media, in conjunction with product placing contactless payments, therefore allowing them to pop up wherever the viewers would cast their eyes.

This correspondence between screens is an amazing tactic, as not only does it ensure your product is visible and engaging on two platforms, it also means that the product is now being associated with a show that everyone is talking about. The reach and engagement is potentially huge!

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