We’re Engage Hub. We do things differently here. We’re expanding and have now moved our office in Manchester to Cambridge Street. This is where the new ‘us’ starts.

Why did we move?

Our previous office was brilliant; it was in a great location and the design was amazing, it just didn’t have the incredible space Cambridge street has. We needed more room for team members and, importantly, somewhere we and our clients could talk business.

We wanted a space which would accommodate the growth of the business as well as give us the room we still need to be creative and allow us to complete more business in-house. That’s just what we’ve got. We’ve created an environment which doesn’t just operate as an office; it’s a studio, a bar and an inviting meeting space.

What’s new?

Our new office is wonderful and more than we could have hoped for. We have more room to be creative which means our clients are getting even better results. Our bar provides us with an area in which we can have more effective meetings within the team and with clients. We love our meeting space too. Not only does it provide a more formal environment for those extra important meetings, it also provides a comfortable space for us to work when we need to focus hard.

We’re now in a more accessible area just off Oxford Road. We can access the whole city from here and the city can access us. We have even more opportunities to do the best for our clients and for our team. This is a space we can personalise to our clients.

We’ve got three new members of the team working hard to keep clients happy. With 10 people at the helm of success and our brand new office, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Stay tuned for updates on our expansion in London.