We’re Engage Hub, we do things differently here. Our offices are both based in the centre of growing, thriving cities. We’ve seen our company grow from our founder, Ray Sherlock, working at his kitchen table only two years ago¬†to now – a great company based in two separate locations across the UK with a view to expand even further. These two years we’ve grown at an unexpected rate and we’ve had amazing clients but the one consistency¬†has been (yes, you guessed it!) our office dogs!



Here’s the office favourite, Harry. His charm, personality and loud bark all fit into one fluffy body. Harry might be wary at first but he soon warms up to you – and if he recognises you be ready for lots of love from this happy little boy. His job as Social Marketing Top Dog makes him the go-to for photos, posts and Stories. You can also bet that scary passers-by will be warned away. When he grows up would like more spiky balls to play with.



This beautiful office princess knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings. Her big eyes and her need to spend time with everyone means she can win over even the wariest of humans. Olive’s favourite office tasks are making sure messes are cleaned us as soon as they’re made, making sure everyone stays calm (while she has her beauty sleep) and snorting. A lot.



Poppy is one of our favourite puppers. A big heart and lots of patience characterise this little teddy of a dog. Her role in the office is to put everyone in their place and remind them that she runs the show. Poppy will always make time for cuddles, treats and a big old nap. Her favourite pass time, however, is playing chase with Olive.