The past week has been a busy one in the world of social media, with a huge buzz around sport as we enter Spring. We round up this week’s most popular news stories and tweets in our mid-March monthly roundup.

Top Gear caused bit of controversy to start the week off. The filming of the new series took place in Central London, and featured scenes around the Cenotaph war memorial. The stunt featured actor Matt LeBlanc “disrespectfully” running rings on the tarmac around the historic landmark. This got over 100,000 searches on Monday and was the most popular story of the day.

Twitter users took to social media to show their distaste for the events. Bond actor Sir Roger Moore felt strongly about the stunt, and tweeted on the subject a number of times during the day, one of which was the most popular on the issue.

Twitter user tweet

Sir Roger Moore tweet

Cheltenham Festival kicked off this week and it was clearly on everyone’s mind with over 50,000 Google searches. Horse racing fans, and occasional gamblers alike, were eager to find out the results of the biggest competitions on the calendar of the opening Spring season. Everyone wanted to know if their horse had won and if their bet came in.

Channel 4’s Racing Twitter account uploaded post-race video snippets of the competitors crossing the finish line for fans that missed the races.

C4 Racing tweet

The world then celebrated St. Patricks Day. There were over 2 million searches for the celebration, making it one of the most popular events of the week. Many cities across the world participated in the celebrations, with many out to paint the town green. The most popular tweet of the day was from pop star, Olly Murs, enjoying a pint of Guinness with his Irish mates Niall Horan of One Direction and “Marky Boy”.

Olly Murs’ tweet

Magician Paul Daniels passed away on Thursday at the age of 77. Daniels, whose magic show broadcast on TV for 15 years, was well know for his catchphrase “You’ll like this … not a lot, but you’ll like it”, which caught the hearts of viewers throughout the 80s. Fans of the magician were devastated by his death this week, and shared their memories of him over the years.

Daniels’ son Gary tweeted a picture of teary eyed white rabbit inside of a top hat to commemorate the entertainer.

Gary Daniels tweet

Friday found F1 the topic of conversation across Twitter. With new qualifying regulations set in place for this season, there was a huge buzz about whether or not they would work, with bosses and drivers slating the new format.

A Twitter poll taken by @GPUpdate showed a large number of fans also disagreeing with the qualifying format, introduced in the weekend’s grand prix.

Poll tweet

Saturday saw the Six Nations trend across social media, with fans voicing their opinions, and journalist analysing the games from the fifth round of the rugby championship. First up: Wales V Italy in a Welsh dominated game. Next was Ireland V Scotland in a highly anticipated match. Lastly England beat the French on their home turf at Stadt de France.

BBC tweet

Sunday marked the start of Spring this week. The Vernal Equinox was the most popular Google search result found all week – with over 2 million clicks on the search engine. The internet shared Spring-inspired photos to celebrate the coming of the warmer months. Blooming flowers and blue skies filled people’s feeds; a lovely end to the week.

Spring foliage tweet