M&S is launching its biggest social media campaign yet. From cutting offers and sales out of its business strategy, to planning closure of 200 stores by 2020, no one was sure what they were doing. Is social their new beginning? ‘What’s New at M&S Food’ has been uploaded to IGTV and Youtube as well as linked to their social media as part of their Social Media Campaign.

Digital Food

M&S miniseries-based campaign is their biggest social media campaign to date. Celebs like Paddy McGuinness and Amanda Holden are taking part by reviewing M&S’s latest delicacies. They’ve been asked to choose their preferred seasonal dish each month through this 12-part series. They even give their favourites a taste test!

Italian Week


Move over GBBO, M&S are on the scene and they are shaking things up! The first episode of ‘What’s New at M&S Food’ had a slice of Italy where Sharry Cramond, M&S Food Marketing Director said “This is our biggest ever social media campaign and a game changer in our marketing strategy. Our customers share food favourites with family and friends on social media and this campaign will inspire them to try our new ranges and directly engage with our celebrity food fans.”

This isn’t the first time a company has released a much loved brand on youtube hoping to boost views. Waitrose has been posting miniseries about everything from veganism to baking since 2010!  Kim KW has also seen increased sales as she creates makeup tutorials using her own cosmetics on her YouTube channel. No matter what your brand does, could you get in on this?

What do you think about the new release? Is it too much too soon or is this the interesting boost M&S needs?

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