Well, we certainly don’t think so. Over the last few weeks Manchester has seen a number of its restaurants and diners close their doors for good, Urban Cookhouse being the most recent. With the Metrolink (@MetrolinkMCR) construction adding to the closures on King Street, the public are left with the question, has our restaurant scene died? Many think so, but we’re here to disagree!

The real problem with over saturation is a lack of diverse and interesting choices for the customer, people want to be rewarded, they want hype, they need a reason to choose you! Take Crazy Pedro’s (@CrazyPedros) as the perfect example – the place lives up to its name, the experience and food choices are insane and crazy to boot. These factors give people a reason to talk and create a buzz; the decor, £5 lunch deal and great music are all incentive to pull up a stool and pass the afternoon away with your friends, some pizza and a beer.

Crazy Pedro's Manchester
Crazy Pedro’s, Bridge Street, M3 3BQ

It’s not just an enticing interior design that gets you talked about though, it’s your quirky buzz online and the way you drive your social feeds. Gone are the days of stiff upper lips and polite tweeting, people want to see tongue in cheek! A prime example is Nandos’ customer service, they’re always engaging in banter with their customers, and surprise surprise – it gets retweeted thousands of times, then it’s published to Facebook and everyone’s talking about them! The public want your brand to be relatable, they want you to Tweet a gif or push some banter across the newsfeed – it’s engaging and sparks up vital interest!

We think that too many businesses forget this side of communication, it’s a whole other platform to engage with customers. You create a name for your brand online, and suddenly you’ll find yourself being talked about. You’re funny, popular and the next best thing on the Manchester scene; people aren’t going to eat or drink in an establishment without a buzz, fact. Just give the people what they want!

We set Engage Hub up for this very reason – to talk to your audience in a relatable tone of voice. We find out where your customers are, what they’re wearing, who they’re talking to and most importantly who they are engaging with. Once we know where they are, we start talking! When we start talking, they talk back. Like we said, people want to eat and drink in venues that others are talking about; they want to be involved! One of our key elements for bar and restaurant campaigns is FOMO, and if you don’t know what FOMO is, I suggest hitting up Google! 😉  So, if you’re a venue that wants to propel your social and get the people talking about your brand, you know where we are. We have some crazy ideas and they’re well worth a chat!