Manchester’s Best Street Art 

If Manchester is famous for anything (weather excluded), it’s being home to some pretty insane street art. We’re always on the lookout for when new pieces crop up. So, the minute we spot any during our commute, it’s an outing in the diary for our videographer, Kris. (No matter the weather!)

We captured some amazing shots, and compiled these into an even more amazing video. So make sure to check it out at the end, some of your favourite pieces might make an appearance. Plus, we really love showing off our video skills.

Street Art in the Northern Quarter

The creative capital of Manchester has to be the Northern Quarter, so naturally that had to be Kris’ first stop. A famous name throughout the Mancunian streets is the notorious ‘Mural Life,’ a talented creative brightening up our streets, one wall or shutter at a time. Here they’ve given Afflecks Palace a vibrant colour injection, a clever contrast against March’s grey skies.

Street Art

A quick turn to your left and Manchester’s most well known painting will be looking down on you, created by a team known as Subism. If you’ve spent any amount of time in Manchester, you will recognise this sizeable, impressive piece staring out from the side of Ride Low. It’s possibly one of the first pieces of street art we can remember here!

Street Art

Finally, as we take a stroll past our friends over at Eastern Bloc and get into the bustling heart of the Northern Quarter, we have the infamous David Bowie tribute. This piece was painted by a crazily talented individual who goes by the name of Akse. We love it when new pieces like this appear throughout the streets of Manchester (if you see anything new; make sure to tag us on Twitter!) Give the video below a watch and take a look at the other paintings Kris captured.

If you’ve been thinking about a video to capture who you are or what you do, we’re the agency for you! This short film showcasing Manchester’s finest street art was filmed and edited all in the same day. So give Engage Hub a call, we can make your ideas become a reality in no time! 0161 222 4044.