There are three things you can expect from Love Island: style, hotties and drama. Season 4 has been going on for a month now which means we’re half way through this year’s bout. Social media has been going mad for contestants past and present and brands are certainly getting their piece of the action.

A History of Influencing

Season 2’s contestants saw attention from magazines, newspapers and more when a handful were chosen by teeth whitening companies to advertise some of their products. Islanders such as Sophie Gradon and Dilara Ox. What a lot of companies found impressive at the time was that only three months after the campaign was launched, the tooth whitening company’s instagram following grew by 93%. Since then more and more brands have been getting involved in influencer marketing. Why?

Followings are Their Future

Cult followings, engagement and role models. People look up to influencers, and indeed are influencers, because of these things. Islanders are becoming influencers before they’ve even left the show. In the past month every islander has gained over 200k followers from appearing on the show and some have followings totalling over 1 million! However with nearly four weeks still to go anything could change. Love Island Contestants see sponsorships up the wazoo.

Sponsorships and Ambassadors

Contestants from previous years are still doing sponsorships for everything from fashion to fitness to gambling. Their influence is under question but with Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham both set to become millionaires after Love Island 2018 has finished, we’re sure those rumours will be set aside. These online celebrities are rising in fame. They have a permanence. What makes them so special? While on screen, viewers create a bond with the islanders. Fans watch islanders for up to 8-weeks and see their successes and failings. It’s important that this happens because fans, even after Love Island is over, are emotionally invested in contestants and want to know what they’re up to.

Life After the Party

Social media enables us to keep in touch with just about everyone. Influencers, too. Accessibility is a huge factor in the fame and popularity of islanders because of the emotional investment. It’s impressive that so many keep their fans for so long, too! AS we’ve said, two of the islanders are set to become millionaires once they leave the villa, but what about the few who already have?

Eyal Booker

Eyal isn’t exactly a family favourite but he wasn’t unpopular either. His fan base grew substantially while he was in the villa and now he’s out he has been making a good few appearances. He has shown his face on shows like This Morning and Love Island Aftersun. His career is set to soar as his followings continue to rise and appearances on TV and in collaborations become more common.

What do you think? We’re always on the look out for more opinions and while we have our eyes glued to our favourite show we don’t have all the opinions. That’s why we want to know what you think. Who will be next to be dumped from the Villa? Who will recouple and who is going to stir up the next pot of drama? Let us know by tweeting us @EngageHub.