Social media is ever evolving, we know that better than anyone. It’s important for businesses to stay on top when it comes to these updates, and how they may affect your business. We’re always one step ahead in the social game, so we’ve highlighted some of the latest social media marketing techniques that caught our attention.


Introducing Snapchat’s latest update; Snapmap. As creepy as it first seemed, it’s an innovative way to keep up with local events and the whereabouts of your friends. The Snapmap opens up a whole host of opportunities for brands to tap into location marketing. As well as this, you can now tap in and view all snaps taken and posted within a certain location. This latest social media marketing advancement is connecting Snapchat users more than ever, with just a few taps you can see stories from around the world or around the corner.

Recently one of Manchester’s tiki bars, Lola Lo, utilised their Snapmap in their most recent online campaign. They asked the LinkedIn users of Manchester to add them on Snapchat, then keep their eyes on ‘Lola’ on Snapmap as she travelled around the city. Once Lola was close to your location, send her a snap and she’ll travel to where you are and drop off some free, tiki goodies! From drink vouchers to pizza, Lola Lo definitely gave Manchester a reason to follow them on Snapchat! They cleverly gained followers whilst being inventive with the new Snapchat update, we can’t wait until next time.

latest social media marketing

 Snatch App

Snatch is the latest location based game where you hunt virtual prizes and protect them from being snatched by other users. From free holidays, gig tickets, food vouchers to straight up cash, it’s an amazing app designed to get you out and about! This latest advancement in location based gaming is sure to kick off a trend for 2017.

latest social media marketing

Here at Engage Hub we love to keep on top of the hottest social trends to make sure that we’re providing the very best for our clients. We look forward to integrating Snapmap into our future campaigns, and giving the Snatch App a go! Get in touch and let’s make your social amazing! 0161 222 3450