Kim Kardashian West is going full-frontal in her new social media campaign to promote the release of her newest fragrance KKW Body. In doing so she’s bringing a lot of advertising laws and platform regulations into question. So is it ok? Does sex sell?

What were the reactions?

It’s fair to say that 37-year old Kim Kardashian West has had her lead in a few beauty trends and has had the town talking. Her iconic attitude to beauty and self-love sells. Or does it? Her most recent marketing stunt has lead to lots of backlash regarding respect for her and other women’s bodies. 

Some people were concerned for the impact these pictures would have on those around Kim, including her children.


So what does this mean?

Sexualisation is an accepted but ever more controversial aspect of advertising. Even though some people were proud of Kim, some thought she took it too far. Only time will tell if this particular campaign has been a win or lose for Kim. One thing for sure is that Kim has riled the internet.

In the next few months brands are expected to to become more sexy. What they’ll have to focus on is their limitations. We know Kim has redefined what it is to sell with sex. Bring on the grand rebrand!

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