An Ever-Expanding Influencer Marketing Agency!

You may have heard earlier in the year that we’ve doubled our headcount after receiving investment as part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. Well, we haven’t stopped there.

Our ethos of changing the way brands influence and interact with their target audience has only seen us go from strength to strength. Our two-man team in 2015 has turned into our agile agency of 20+ creative individuals to date.

Here at Engage Hub, we’re creating a few blog posts to raise more awareness of the brilliant creatives we have on our side. We chatted with two of our newest members of Engage Hub to find out a little more about them. First up, the ever-growing Influencer Team.

Natalie Faye, Social Media & Influencer Executive

What drove you to Engage Hub? 

Engage Hub stood out to me due to the broad range of clients they engage with and manage both nationally and on a global scale.

Working alongside such a fantastic and inspiring team to help generate real-time engagements was a chance for me to develop a new skill set I would only be able to build in the industry, working with established brands.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role? 

Working along the social media team, my job as a Social Media Executive has allowed me to work on areas of delivering content, engagement and to be a part of campaigns for various brands that we manage. My first few weeks in the role have entailed qualifying tweets to fit the target audiences. Through keyword filters relevant to the brands, we are able to translate these engagements into a conversation as an opportunity to build brand awareness, continuously growing our consumer base.

Within these early weeks, I have already learned and developed new skills which I couldn’t have done without the help of my colleagues; such as having a wider awareness of social media and the power of engagement to build relationships in a business context.

It feels great to already be so involved with the companies running and being able to have control over interactions on different platforms. Not to mention having four legged friends running around the office makes waking up for work a little easier! Thanks, Olive and Harry!

Katie Richardson, Influencer Executive

What drew you to Engage Hub?

I took a year out of my studies to work in Social Media and Communications at Illamasqua, having come back to Manchester to finish University I wanted to gain more experience in Digital Promotion and Engage Hub gives me the opportunity to do this for a variety of brands that requires different approaches and strategies.

Can you tell us a little bit more about what your job is?

I find a variety of influencers to work collaboratively with us to promote products and brands on Social Media. I also help develop briefs for Social Media Campaigns for a range of brands, this can include hashtags, influencers, and content guidelines.

In my short time working at Engage Hub, my favourite experience has to be developing brand campaigns, it’s something I’ve never done before and gives me a lot of responsibility which I’m enjoying.

Want to join our agile agency? Let us know why you should be a part of our team.