Have you ever watched your younger sibling as they jump from level to level on Angry Birds on their iPad, and then wistfully remember the days where you could sit for hours and try to tackle your way through Donkey Kong or Pokémon on a Game Boy? There was always something much more satisfying about using buttons rather than tapping a screen; the fact that black, white and pixelated graphics were revolutionary at the time means nothing to the iPad gamers today, nor does the sheer nostalgia when you find your old, broken Game Boy console in a bedroom drawer.

Well in December 2016, you will be able to take a step back in time and relive the retro days. What started off as an assumed April Fool’s joke back in 2015, a device that transforms your smart phone into a Game Boy has emerged – buttons included. Similar to that of the Pictar blog post a couple of weeks ago, the technology game seems to be focusing on enhancing the devices we already have.

This device, formally known as ‘Smart Boy’ by Hyperkin, slides onto the base of your phone like a case and transforms your it into a new-age game console. The device is set to release just before Christmas (just in case you want someone to pre order your gift now!) It’ll only set you back around £50, however, unless you’ve kept all of your old game cartridges from 10 years ago, then you might need to hunt some down.

The device will support all of your old favourites such as, Donkey Kong, Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. The creators at Hyperkin kept all of these games and us in mind whilst designing the Smart Boy; it mimics the exact same buttons featured on old style Game Boys – a necessity to play these particular games, and a necessity to reliving your youth!

As mentioned previously, the Smart Boy gives a subtle nod to its cousin Pictar – the slide on case to turn your phone into a DSLR camera. Whilst the Pictar may have been an invention for pure convenience, the Smart Boy feels more than that. It’s not only a new must-have gadget, but it’s a happy reminiscence of the past. It will no doubt be a device that any age will enjoy; I know first-hand that everyone here in the Engage Hub office will be getting their hands on one.

The emergence of new gadgets is always on the rise, however, these kinds of creations are rendered useless without our smart phones; the upgrading and enhancement of our current devices are clearly what’s attractive for today’s society. However, we’re not complaining, anything that can upgrade your phone and the way you use it, for a fraction of the price of something new and stand alone has us sold.

We’re waiting with baited breath to see what new smart phone add-ons the technology market comes up with next, and as soon as we get the Smart Boy in the office there will be plenty of photos up on our Twitter feeds!

If you’re already counting down the days till December when you can own a Smart Boy – pre order yourself one here http://www.hyperkinlab.com/smartboy-development-kit/