IOS Deep links – iTunes houses over 1.5 million apps, and the average user occupies around 119 of these on their iPhones and iPads. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better tool to dig into our apps in a more significant, meaningful way? Well, that is exactly what just happened. One of the most influential technology companies globally has now got to grips with one of the most interesting developments in app discovery. Apple being Apple, they have not just ‘got to grips’ with said developments, they have taken it, expanded it, broadened it, and taken it to a whole new level.

Apple views apps as being independent from each other, with very little, if any, interaction between another, and that’s about to change. Ios 9 allows users to jump from app to app more naturally, creating an extremely fluid system and overall better communication between apps, which, in turn, improves the general mobile experience. The goal – to blur the line between the web and apps, and seamlessly interact them. Apple smart devices are about to get, well, smarter.

At the moment, any link you tap on your phone or iPad, is primarily a URL link, taking you directly to safari, and yes that may all be fine and dandy, but, what if when your friend shares an Instagram link on twitter, instead of your device opening the link as a web browser, the ios deep link takes you directly to the post on your Instagram app, and with a simple on screen button you can go directly back to twitter in the blink of an eye? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot better? That is exactly what Apple has created upon introducing ios deep links to ios9.

Not only this, welcoming deep links into ios9 also improves the search feature on Apple devices. Now, when you type into your search bar the results exhibited are all relevant content discoverable within the apps on your device, rather than going straight to Google. The deep links feature will quite obviously lure users away from Google, but it may not be the only thing to possess less traffic. You could, in fact, decide not to use your downloaded apps after all, creating less traffic for these too, but that’s most definitely not to say Apple’s introduction of deep links is not an alluring and intriguing discovery.