Instagram Is Doing The Most…

As an Influencer Marketing Agency in Manchester and London, we spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram. Recently we’re hearing that Instagram is now allowing users to share IGTV content to stories, with additional talks of testing ‘Promoted Stories‘. Now we’re hearing that Instagram is back to doing the most! A location-based version of their Stories feature is here, introducing ‘School Stories.’

This would only allow chosen content from the school’s student body to be published. Stories via location are always available to be viewed by members of the public. As a result, this gives pupils more privacy. It also stops unwanted attention from strangers on Instagram.

The leak was spotted by tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who notes that Instagram is working on coding for School Stories. School Stories are going to be manually reviewed.

A New Era Of Location-Based Content

School-specific content is something that Instagram has previously been working towards. In August Instagram was testing out college community groups. This allows fellow students to connect with each other. Students could add their graduation year, putting them into specific year groups with tailored stories and content available to them.

Likewise, Snapchat has also experimented with something similar; Campus Stories. This allowed students to post stories at their school as long as they are within a certain geographical area. Additionally, you were only able to view these stories if you were at that specific school.

The introduction of this feature adds to Instagram’s anti-bully initiatives. Similar to Instagram’s use of AI to pick out bullying in posts and comments, this allows more users on the app to remain safe.

So, will the code in the app be used or is this a test we’ll never see again? In contrast, we’re still waiting for night mode. We’ll have to wait and see.

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