In the latest episode of the Instagram Algorithm Show’, it seems that the platform’s feed has changed back to chronological order! Insta user @jackharding pushed out a video on his story claiming his feed had switched back to chronological order and many others have received the beta update.


Any Instagram user will tell you why chronology is better, but the reasons behind why the platform has made a U-turn on their algorithm remains to be seen. Whether due to incessant pressure from users or the overnight popularity of Vero, it will be welcomed as a positive change from pretty much everyone.

Engagement and the opportunity to increase your visibility will be better shared under chronology, rather than with algorithmic feeds which have only helped massive accounts prosper whilst others have dwindled from the discover page.

Instagram has yet to comment whether this will be a permanent change or not, but the immediate positive feedback from the lucky users to get the update could strongarm them into listening to the demand for chronology.

Has your brands Insta engagement hit a slump because of the new rules? Do you need industry knowledge applied to your Instagram strategy?

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