There has always been a tension between high art and low art, and this has been exasperated with the emergence of so-called ‘Instagram Museums.’

Whilst the artists behind said exhibitions attempt to distance themselves from the Instagramability of their work, certain museums have become extremely popular due to the pretty backdrops they provide for a stunning Insta.

In creating immersive experiences, these exhibitions have become a go-to spot for spicing up your feed. Whilst art boffins have detested the concept of art experienced through a camera lens, their malaise has fallen on death ears. People flock from all over the world to visit these spaces and recreate the selfies they’ve seen other people experience.

We’ve rounded up five of the most stunning ‘Instagram Museums’ for you to visit and snap that perfect selfie.

Museum of Ice-Cream

The most famous of the bunch, ‘Museum of Ice-Cream,’ is a pop up which features a series of experiences which look curated from the daydreams of a child. There are banana swings. Swimming pools filled with hundreds and thousands. Pretty pink wallpaper filled with different ice-creams. It’s a kooky-cool paradise that has been visited by a whole swathe of celebrities looking for the perfect snap, including Beyonce, Katy Perry, David Beckham, Kylie Jenner and Seth Rogen.

Kingdom of Colours

Kingdom of Colours is an immersive visual experience where a video of psychedelic colour splashes is projected onto walls. This space was designed by Thomas Blanchard who also used a similar approach in the recent iPhone X commercial. The encompassing, otherworldy atmosphere makes for a cosmic selfie!

WONDER x Smithsonian American Art Museum

The WONDER exhibition runs throughout the Smithsonian Art Museum and is used to accentuate the amazing space of the museum itself. A plethora of contemporary artists were invited to dress the room in whichever they wanted. The most inspiring work comes from Gabriel Dawe, as he used thousands of polyester strands and weaved them together to make a rainbow effect hovering above your head.

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors x Hirshhorn Museum

Famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama celebrated her sixty five year career with six Infinity Mirror Rooms hosted in the Hirshhorn Museum. The mirror-lined chambers project lanterns and LED lights around the room, making for a celestial space. The rooms only take one person at a time, which means your selfie will not be interrupted by photo bombers!

29 Rooms


29 rooms is an exhibit by online women’s magazine Refinery29. The exhibition presents thought-provoking issues in a funhouse of colour and abstract imagery. Through the use of immersive lighting, vibrant colour and avant-garde artistry, they have created spaces with the perfect credentials for a killer selfie.

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